Kimberly Thomas

Kimberly Thomas

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Kimberly graduated from Southern University and A&M College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and from the University of Louisiana – Lafayette with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

Kimberly worked as a Process Controls Systems (PCS) engineer for Bayer Corporation in its chemical processing plant in Baytown, TX. Her job responsibilities at Bayer Corp. included control systems hardware/software support, instrumentation, and process engineering and optimization to the Methylene Dianiline (MDA) unit.

Kimberly earned her Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Civil Law from Louisiana State University in 2007. Upon graduating from the LSU Law Center, Kimberly worked as a Patent Examiner with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where she examined patent applications related to the electrical engineering arts, in particular to the examination of chemical composition and manufacturing processes of semiconductors, optoelectronic and electro-mechanical devices.
As a result of her work at the USPTO, Kimberly brings to a unique approach and understanding to patent prosecution.

Kimberly is registered as a Patent Attorney before the USPTO Office and joined as an associate in 2013.